How To Get Straight A’s In College

This is a video about how to get straight a’s in college. Follow these tips to create a strategy to get good grades in college.

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These are my top 5 tips for making A’s in college/school in general! Happy new semester!! What classes are you taking?!?
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I’ve gotten a lot of requests to discuss how I stay organized, how I make good grades in college, etc., so today I’m bringing you my top 5 tips that are guaranteed to keep you on top of your game if you follow them. This can also work for how to make good grades in high school + middle school too! Let me know if you have any tips to share in the comments. :)


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27 thoughts on “How To Get Straight A’s In College

  1. I thought i was one of the few that would do Q&A during lecture instead of taking notes . Glad to know that you pray before class :)

  2. Thank You for the video. I am an incoming student at UC Merced and I will apply your strategies and tips at the first day of classes. Thank you once again.

  3. My first semester of college was rocky i got involved with the wrong people. Now i am almost done with my second semester of my freshman year of college and i am doing amazing and my grades are going from ok to awesome.

  4. I'm watching all of these college videos and I'm already saving up for college… but I'm ten… is that normal?

  5. English Major emphasis in linguistics and Education . I am a sophomore doing junior courses .. So its super hard to study cause i was exempted from so many basic classes.

  6. Hey Morgan! I'm a freshman at the University of Iowa studying Communications and I just wanted to let you know how much I love your videos. You popped up in my recommended videos one day a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped watching you since. I blog for the admission's office here to give incoming freshmen, prospective students and basically anyone an idea of what its like to be a student at Iowa and I've actually considered making a YouTube channel to compliment the material I post on there. I love how you make UNC specific videos and I think it'd be cool if my school had a YouTuber post content like yours. Although I haven't quite made my channel yet, you're still inspiring me in my blog posts and everyday college life!! Keep up the good work :) <3

  7. Hey! If I get accepted into UNC I will definitely be attending college there. I am starting to think about living situations. Could you make a video talking about which dorm you lived in as a first year or which dorms you suggest? Many people I know chose to live in Granville, although I've heard you shouldn't? Any advice would be so appreciated!

  8. I hope that this will help me when I start college this fall. I am actually really nervous simply for the fact that I have been out of school since 2014. If you have any more tips to help that'd be great. I plan to major in teaching for grades 1st through 6th.

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