Men Style Spring / Summer 2017 • Men’s Fashion

This is a break from my usual vlog….

My take on the Spring / Summer 2017 men’s fashion. This is me and this is my style and I wanted to share this to all of you. This video is our way of showing how I love and how cool fashion is and be able to inspire others to dress at their best.

1st look: Navy Coat and Hoodie from

2nd look: Jacket, Polo and Denim Jeans from

3rd look: Linen Suit and Striped Tee from

Video and edited by Joshua Jacob
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8 thoughts on “Men Style Spring / Summer 2017 • Men’s Fashion

  1. love your work, one of the most aesthetic videos I have seen and love your outfits. Don't stop, we need more YouTubers like you

  2. you deserve so many more subscribers, editing is lit and outfits are perfectly on point. Def subscribing Love love love !!!

  3. haha I like that transition with the bike! I like your shoes too! maybe you should blog something about your shoes 😀

    keep up the good work

  4. There are a lot of people who have supported him, do an event thank them ……….. give them gifts

  5. Fantastik style! Im fond of it! I don't have any idea how u do this, but think that u was born with this skill to look wonderful!

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