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Hi guys! Here are a couple of tips that helped me get good grades in college! I wanted to share them with you :) Let me know if these tips came in helpful! Love you guys, as always!

1. Go to class!
2. Sit towards the front of the classroom
3. If you bring your laptop to class, turn of the wifi during class
4. Print out power point slides prior to class
5. Participate in class & be interactive (ask questions!)
6. Utilize your professor’s office hours
7. Try not to procrastinate
8. Write down all due dates in your planner on the first day of classes
9. Find a place you study best and go there!
10. If you get a grade you aren’t happy with, speak up and talk to your professor

* Grades do not define who you are. In the end, they are just letters and numbers. Enjoy your college experience because when you look back at it, I promise you, you won’t remember the couple bad grades you got! *

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19 thoughts on “How to Get Good Grades | College ♡ Karina Lynn Kho

  1. Hello the 10 tip you gave I hope it works out and also I am just a freshmen in college and I hope it would be a good opportunity to be successful during my college year. Yah!

  2. Hi :) I just discover your channel and I love it! Do you have a makeup tutorial for your makeup in this video ? I really love it ♡ I checked in your makeup tutorials but I didn't see this look!

  3. Thank you so much, the tips helped me to keep focused and work hard everyday more,, i think thats the only way to get a amazing future. Thanks, i wish you the best in your life. Fabiano, from Brasil,. your tips crossed a long distance to help me.
    kkkkkkk ;p Thankyou

  4. there is that one group of people who gets 100 on EVERYTHING and they dont study ONCE in their life and they say "Studying?, Pfft waste of time" while im studying so hard and im getting low grades i mean the only thing im the best at is spelling, science, math, and Lg. Arts
    those are the things i get higher grades on but on reading comprehension, and social studies are where i get the lower grades and those are the ones i work the hardest on. Life is like saying "I HATE PEANUTBUTTER" but then you grab a jar of peanut butter and smudging it all over your face

  5. I loved his video! It was so helpful I was just wondering how were you able to put the settings to where the slides print out with the lines?

  6. How to get good grades:carry around a piece of paper with the exact dollar amount your parents dish out for college

  7. thank you so much for making this video 😀 i started at csuf today and hearing all this from someone who went there is really great (:

  8. hi Karina 😛
    Another great tip is to turn off your phone or put it away where its not within easy reach lol :P. that is what my biggest problem. instead of the laptop issue lol. Always used my phone :(

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