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So summer is quickly coming to an end, but here is a little Summer OOTD for you guys to show you how I dress on my “days off” if you will. Super casual, super smart, and really ups your style game over shorts and a tshirt!

How does Dapper Days sound like? If you guys like this type of video, we can turn it into a series where its just an OOTD (outfit of the day) or Fit of the Day or Dapper Days or something catchy. Let me know, I’ll leave a poll on the video!
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17 thoughts on “Dapper Days // Smart Casual OOTD | Mens Summer 2016 Outfit | TheGentlemansCove

  1. Love the accessories with your ootd. It really accents and kind of adds the "icing on the cake" to complete the look. It's biggest complement to me, is the bracelets and ring(s) really bring out the flashy side of shoes, giving it a nice edgy feel to a classic gentleman's look. Well done sir!

  2. Those pants don't look manly at all. And you are not right about a belt only having one function. a belt is a fashion accessory. The shirt is feminine looking also. Actually the whole outfit looks like womens clothes. Nothing dapper here.

  3. Dear Jordan, I really enjoy watching your videos. Thanks so much for the endless fashion inspirations. I was wondering if you've ever watched the documentary True Cost or have thought about the impact of buying or supporting certain clothing brands over others that have different reputations with regards to providing fair wages and working conditions to their suppliers. As a high profile fashion blogger, I would be curious to hear your opinions on this issue and thought that it might add a new dimension to your already awesome channel.

    Thanks for your continuous inspirations,

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