How To Help A College Student Move

When the time comes for your child to head off to college, you may have to offer them a great deal of support. While he may be more than ready to start a new life and looking forward to the freedom and fun that lie ahead, he may also be disorganized and not quite sure how to arrange a move. Relocating is stressful and hard for adults, so imagine if you have just graduated from high school and you have to leave your friends and family behind to begin a new life. Not only are you adjusting to new surroundings, you will have new people in your life and be faced with the challenges of the academic world. This is one of those times when your child is going to need you the most, even if he does not realize it. If you have a child who has chosen to go to a college far away, consider hiring professional movers. A moving company can help with a long-distance move, even if it is just to a college campus or dormitory. This way you and your child can focus on the important transitions that are occurring instead of getting wrapped up in the logistic details of the move.

Next, splurge for the comforts of home that you can send with your child in his new space. While you may be tallying the cost of the education and text books, it is important to realize that comfort and security are vital to the success of a college student. When he is homesick, it is important to have a space he can retreat to that feels all his own and reminds him of the family and friends he has back home. Just by supplying him with comfortable bed linens, familiar photos and a few reminders of who he is, you can create a comfortable space in even the darkest, coldest of dorm rooms.

While your child may want to spend some time alone while packing for college or share some of the packing experience with friends, it is important that you help him out at least a little bit. This may be an experience your child has never had before, especially if your family has not relocated in recent years. There may be things you think of he will forge to pack. Schedule some time to help with the packing, but do not overwhelm him with what to expect.

Be sure you leave plenty of storage space at home. While the move to college may end up being a permanent one, it is important your child not feel as if he is being put out of the home. You will have four years to transition to a permanent move, but remember that for at least a few months, your house will still be home.

Finally, encourage your child to contact his roommate, if there will be one, in advance. If you can help him plan a get together beforehand, do so. Living with someone else creates a lot of anxiety, so anything you can help your child do to prepare will ease the nerves.

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