Business Casual Looks on a Budget: Whitecoat Outfits | 3rd Year of Medical School

The last two years of medical school is mostly about clinical rotation and sometimes it’s hard coming up with a business casual outfit to wear under your white coat. So a few weekends ago, I challenged myself to see how many different outfits I can come up with by only spending 0. I bought items that I consider my “essentials” for business casual outfits.I tried to make any many outfits as I can with the items I bought, adding in some personal touches from shoes and bags that I already own.

I stuck to pretty basic items, nothing too trendy- so that you can really build on these outfits with coats or jackets, shoes with prints or details, and other accessories.

Here is what I came up with:

1. SLIM CROPPED BLACK PANTS-.45 (Originally .50, 40% sale + 15% student discount)

Loft. Pretty much the cornerstone of most of my business casual outfits is a pair of cropped black pants. Black pants go with everything- you can dress it up, dress it down, it’s flattering, it’s comfortable!

2. SLEEVELESS BLUE TOP .99 (No discount 😓)

H&M. Very versatile! You can wear it buttoned up with a bow or you can wear it with couple buttons undone and without the bow. You can get two completely different looks from one top. Plus you can layer it with a cardigan or wear it under white coat without any bulk because it’s sleeveless

3 and 4. SWEATER SHELL AND CARDIGAN .69, .80 (Original Price: , )
Ann Taylor. I’m a huge fan of these sleeveless shells especially during warmer months bc they’re so easy to layer and you still look pretty put together. I got a matching cardigan so I can wear it during cooler months.

5. PINK SWEATER .75, Original Price (.60)
Ann Taylor. Also on sale for 50% off.

6. CONTRAST PANTS (GRAY) (.90), (No discount 😓)
Uniqlo. I wanted a pair of business casual pants that weren’t black so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same pants everyday.

7. BLACK PENCIL SKIRT , (Original Price:)
Ann Taylor. It goes with everything and super comfortable.

Admittedly the outfits ARE pretty plain but you can pair the outfits with some fun shoes or jewelry and really make them your own– basically I consider these items the foundation of a business casual wardrobe. The total amount for the 7 item came out to about 0, so a little bit over our budget but I’m really happy with the quality of items I got.

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17 thoughts on “Business Casual Looks on a Budget: Whitecoat Outfits | 3rd Year of Medical School

  1. I really like all of these looks! Sticking to the sleeveless is a great idea especially with the layering. Love your videos! Wish I kept making med school videos, I might pick it back up soon

  2. Hi:) Do you wear high heels as in video to the hospital? What type of shoes are appropriate to wear with a white coat? Thank you

  3. Thanks for the practical but classy suggestions. How do your items hold up to washing and do they require ironing? Thanks again!!

  4. I love all of your videos but this has been my favorite by far. (Late comment, watched this like an hour after you posted it but its so good I'm rewatching it)

  5. im in love with that brown-leather bag?? what brand is it..

    **btw, i love your videos! I'm studying for my nclex, and watching your videos helps keep me motivated. maybe one day ill purse my NP degree.. you got yourself a new subscriber! love, ivy

  6. Could you please do a video on your recommendations for studying anatomy (particularly musculoskeletal anatomy)? I'm currently a first year and we are now in the MSK block. I could use any advice you could give would be much appreciated!

  7. hey I've recently discovered your channel and am loving your videos! I'm also a current med student in germany :)
    i was wondering, does your boyfriend study medicine as well?

  8. PLEASE PLEASE Do a MEET my PET video one day. And how your cat helps you survive medical school with its cuteness <3 Love you to the Moon and back

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