Success in College ? the Foundation Stone for a Prosperous Career

Success in college revolves around the attitude you have towards your goals. Clarity in your vision, dedication, proper time management, regularity in studies, and also a maintaining a health emotionally and physically to maintain the effort with consistency help you to sail through the college years successfully.

There is a lot of information available in books and libraries and on the on internet about the secret to succeed in college. Well, the truth is just reading them is not enough, but it is the sincerity in implementing them that works.

Since college is a breather after elementary school, many students tend to relax in the first term of college, and thus time passes, and suddenly you find yourself with a considerable number of topic and subjects already discussed and done with. Thus maintaining a balance between education and enjoyment is a must.

Attentive in lecture room, and attending your class to learn and know why, and how, rather than just being present, is another aspect that helps your foundation in the course strengthen. Attend all the classes and lectures, make notes and points. Practical learning is much above theoretical reading. Your teacher can impart a lot of knowledge beyond books, which is of great help in later stages of your career.

Complete your assignment in time, and take interest in understanding what you learn. This helps your grades and marks. Clarify every small doubt with your tutor. Once you are out of college, then you may not get an opportunity to display ignorance. You are excused and can rightfully ask and clear your doubts. When your basics are sorted and doubts are clear, it doubles your progress, and understanding.

Being a computer era, students know to type faster, but write slower. Also handwriting has been neglected. A good communication skill which includes both oral and written, is important to express vies and opinion, and answer legibly.

Spend a good time devoted to reading. With a mine of knowledge available, let your grey matter be a sponge to absorb all the knowledge you read. Make notes on interesting points so that you can study and understand them. Today the academic world has moved to practical sessions, learning through group discussions and project works, where its no more mugging and answer sheets that decide your grades and success.

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, a saying well quoted, and that needs to be practically implemented by all. Besides being alert and active in studying, you should be equally active in college activities and campus life, sports etc. This is a refreshing need of the mind. Besides a good sound sleep and healthy diet is must to maintain a good health for a bright brain.

Friends are one of eth best and the most important part of our college life. From the first day you step into your college, you make friends. Choose you friends who share similar goals like yours, and this helps you think positive. A good group of friends is always motivating.
College era is a time we all cherish in life, a time when we learn good bad, and even our own personality. Making the best in this fruitful period is always the best way to mould your career and future towards prosperity.

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