Giorgio Armani – 2017 Spring Summer Women’s Fashion Show


A neologism that captures the essence of a style that has its coherence rooted in continuous evolution. Charm, in the sense of elegance and sensuality, but also of magic and femininity. Armani, in its sophisticated, natural spirit. Charmani: the lightness of the body, seductively revealing itself, finding a new balance between discipline and freedom. The new silhouette is brimming with charm: unveiling the legs and covering them again, to attract attention. Ethnic becomes sexy.
There are echoes of distant cultures in an exotic blend of short sarong skirts, sequel shorts in soft jersey fabric and trousers made from diaphanous veils. Jacquard-knit jumpsuits bring a dynamic momentum and are combined with little deconstructed jackets in luxurious fabrics with a techno texture, or woven leather. The seductive power of the multicultural melange is evident in the prints, a fusion of designs that catch the eye in a hypnotic palette of blue and purple with touches of white, greige and red. Proportions are restrained for eveningwear, and a profusion of impalpable micro-sequin and crystal embroideries are applied to dresses cut from lightweight georgette or organza. Flat slippers, strappy boots and high-heeled sandals round off an image that is sensual and uninhibited, yet tempered by the soft precision that is Giorgio Armani’s consistent hallmark.

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Fendi’s latest Spring/Summer 2017 collection embraces rococo opulence and infuses it with contemporary kicks. Sporty boots add an edge to sorbet pastels and French florals. Aprons and Jackets steal the show and are reimagined in stripes, exquisite jacquards, and shimmering sheer fabrics. More on
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