Balmain Women’s Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

Paris Fashion Week Balmain Women’s Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show
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The finale from the Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2017 Fashion Show by Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière. Watch the show now and see all the looks at
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23 thoughts on “Balmain Women’s Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

  1. ugly collection, nothing new, is 2017 and this collection is bored, not innovate, not chic and the colors of this collection is ugly..

  2. The asses of those jumpsuits don't look like they fit well. The clothes are mostly unwearable irl. Also, the spacing of the models is all over the place

  3. I usually like balmain but the cut is ugly and not flattering and the colors are horrible sorry I don't like this collection and shut it off.

  4. The jumpsuit Gigi was wearing in the start of the video didn't seem to fit her correctly. She had a little camel toe. I'm surprised they wouldn't taylor them to the model.

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