Bar Work – Things College Students Should Consider

During their time as students, many people attending college will need to find work in order to supplement their large fees, living costs and money needed for books and nights out. There are plenty of jobs around, although they vary in how well they fit into the student lifestyle. Classes are subject to quick timetable change as well as unexpected trips and cancellations. The perfect college job is one that involves flexibility. A decent rate of pay doesn’t hurt either!

It’s important to remember that bar work, while great for the student lifestyle and your bank balance, is not as easy as some people think. Before you decide if part time work in the industry is for you, think for a while about the type of work you’ll be expected to perform.

Working behind a bar can be incredibly demanding, depending on the venue. You’ll find a constant stream of customers pouring through the doors and each of them will want to be served straight away. The more customers there are the more drinks you’ll need to make at once and the more likely it is that customers are going to get agitated if you mess up their orders. Some people thrive in this environment, but others don’t. One of the bonuses is you’ll never be bored. Unlike taking a job in a department store you won’t find yourself doing the same repetitive task over and over again. You will, however, find yourself rushed off your feet!

Keeping customers happy is going to be a key priority. You can make good money but the majority of the real cash will come from tips. The more satisfied customers are, the more likely they are to tip you. You might not always be able to conserve with customers due to a busy environment but being able to deal with everything that is going on around you while still being polite and providing ‘service with a smile’ will go a long way.

One other aspect of bar work that a lot of people don’t think about hasn’t got anything to do with customers at all. It’s your co-workers that can sometimes cause the most stress. Putting several people in a stressful environment, all of whom have to rely on each to get a job done can lead to a lot of personality clashes. You need to learn to not take comments personally if somebody snaps at you when they are busy. You also need to avoid bossing others about or getting too frustrated when someone more experienced than you asks you to complete a task.

Once you’ve understood the reality of bar work you can apply for a job knowing partly what to expect. It isn’t easy work, but it is rewarding. Most people who did bar work while at college describe the experience as the most fun they’ve ever had. Some even like it so much they stay and move onto other roles in the hospitality industry.

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