Get the Best Grades in College With These Suggestions

If you are going off to college for the first time, you may feel a mixture of excitement and uneasiness about this big change in your life. While very rewarding, college also offers challenges that some students may be unprepared to meet. College life is full of classwork, projects, and recreational activities, and juggling all these is no easy task. As a college student, you will be learning, listening to long lectures, taking reams of notes, doing class projects, reading, and studying for what may seem like an unending supply of quizzes, tests and exams. In addition, you will be socializing and making new friends, and may even be working at a job to help pay for tuition, room and board, books, gas, and food. It may feel like there is so much to do and remember that, inevitably, your grades will suffer as a result. However, there are things you can do to ensure good grades in college if you are willing to prioritize, remain focused, and work hard.

Here are ten suggestions you can follow that will help ensure that you receive your very best grades.

1. Study hard. You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating. Students who spend the time hitting the books reap the rewards. The key is to focus on the main points and not spend too much time and energy on lesser topics.
2. Prioritize. It is tempting to save the books for later and go out with your friends, but do your studying and classwork first before the party begins.
3. Visualize yourself as a straight A student, and then work towards that goal.
4. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin, or make yourself too exhausted, so limit your job to no more than 16 hours a week.
5. Make sure you get to bed on time on school nights. It’s hard to be a good student when you are sleepy and tired.
6. Trying too hard can be just as detrimental as not trying hard enough. When studying or learning a new concept, recognize your limits.
7. Be realistic about how many classes you can reasonably expect to handle, and don’t sign up for too much.
8. Do your part to make sure your class is an enjoyable one. You get out of it what you put in.
9. Sometimes classes feel less tedious if you have an outside, extracurricular activity to help balance it all out.
10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teacher or school counselor if you feel the need. is a free informational site with tons of stuff targeted towards the college students that are looking for some help getting started with thier university experience. For more articles like this, stop by today at

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