From Bland to the bench

From Bland to the bench
“That internship helped me understand the challenges law enforcement officers face, which really helped me later as a prosecutor,” said DeHart. “Bluefield College was a wonderful environment that nurtured my love of the legal field. I was able to …
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BarHop cuts to once a week, relies on alumni donations
Kol said some of the long-term solutions to funding include more consistent alumni gifts, College subvention or a pay system, although the latter two have not been explored fully. “We are hoping that the College will step in and [offer … Throughout …
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All That and a Bag of Mail
Then Western gets stopped by a yard, punts, and the North Texas coach is calling plays like its the final drive of Super Bowl 50. He calls two timeouts with under 50 seconds to play, and on third down a prayer gets answered for a touchdown with thirty …

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