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How You Can Create a Lifestyle of Freedom
Being the first person in my immediate family to attend college, I remain confident I have set the bar higher for my children and their children as well. I started out on this journey with ambitious goals, and as I reached my Senior year, reality …
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Carrie Underwood is a superstar. So why does she still fly under the radar?
Growing up on a farm in small-town Oklahoma, Underwood had never even been on an airplane when she arrived at the “Idol” auditions in St. Louis in 2004 as a 21-year-old college senior. She knew she could sing; she performed in beauty pageants and …
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We're a stressed out campus — Why students should be more mindful of their
A recent paper by Harvard University researchers found that the eroded health arising from chronic workplace stress — and college certainly counts as work for students — leads to 120,000 deaths per year. That makes workplace stress one of the six …
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