Making The College Selection Process An Enjoyable Experience

Choosing a college to attend can seem like a full time job. Without proper preparation, it is no easy task; it requires a good amount research and investigation. There is a significant amount of ground that has to be covered,study us but if you pace yourself and maintain good records, the college searching process can be a fun adventure for students and parents.

One of the first steps to college hunting is taking the SAT and/or ACT tests. You have three years to achieve the best possible scores you can. Before testing, be prepared; take advantage of aptitude test workshops or free online practice tests. These offer a great opportunity to practice and review so that you will be familiar with the type of subjects and questions included on the actual test.

Having a good lead-time is imperative for a well-researched college investigation. Students should be contemplating college aspirations during their freshman year; however, the footwork should commence at the end of their sophomore year. Applications are typically completed during the senior year of high school, subsequently; electronic and site visits must be completed in the junior year.

How do you compile your list of college choices? Degree programs and academic offerings play a major role in the final college selections. study usThe student must determine what field of study he or she intends to pursue and find the university or college that caters to personal goals and objectives.

Location is also a factor. Are your college choices located in regions that would benefit you career-wise? After all, you may desire permanent residency after graduating. Do your homework and determine if your college locations offer considerable opportunities in your field of study.

After researching your choices, commit to a list of no more than 10 colleges/universities. The list will be your working document during your junior year. Review the application procedures for each institution. This is critical because you want to make sure you note deadline dates. You also will need to make note of what types of essays, references, and grading information is required for application us Work on essays in advance and save them, and contact reference sources early on for referrals. You do not want to get stuck with submitting last minute applications.

Now comes the fun part! Upon receiving your acceptance letters, select the top 3 and make plans to visit the schools. Many 4-year institutions host an open house college weekend for students and parents to visit to help in their decision-making. The open houses usually consist of organized campus tours, academic department presentations, and one-on-one faculty interviews. If you hope to participate in a sporting program, contact the department head ahead of time to schedule a meeting as well.

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