Art College – What to Do When You Graduate So You Can Continue Mastering Art

Do you want to be an artist? Is graduation from Art College in the future? HOW will you make a living and also have time to put in the work it takes to MASTER a craft? Should money really be the one factor that holds you back from achieving your dreams?

The simple fact is, for a single adult (depending where you live), it only costs around thirty thousand dollars to live in modest means. Thirty thousand will take care of your food, living, insurance, car, gas, etc for an entire year, with a good amount of money left over. If you are able to make thirty thousand dollars a year part-time then you will have time to work on your art and become a professional artist.

Making that much money part time is possible if you work FULL TIME for 1-3 years in the network marketing industry. This article will highlight the requirements you should take to heart before embarking on a journey for RESIDUAL INCOME, which means consistent checks in the mail based on a business you’ve created, not the amount of hours you put in each day like a traditional job. If these guidelines are followed and your work ethic is solid and consistent, you will be able to achieve financial freedom within 1-3 years of starting your own home-based-business, freeing you up in a few short years to REALLY pursue your dreams and destiny in art.

1) Learn how to MARKET your home-based business ONLINE. Marketing is the first fundamental principle in ALL business. When you learn the skill sets it takes to market on the internet, you will be able to consistently generate 10-20 quality leads a day. Once you have this abundance of leads, you are light years away from 98% of all network marketers in this industry. Having an abundant, non-stop lead list will allow you to build a solid downline of QUALITY people that will eventually lead to your residual income.

2) Make sure the business you join has a quality product that fits you. Just as important, make sure the product is a High-Ticket Item. This means that each item is sold for a large amount of money, allowing for a large commission for you as a home-business owner. Many network marketing companies sell small-ticket items, which means MASS volumes need to be sold on a constant basis just to get a meager residual check. This problem can be avoided if the products are high-ticket items.

3): Set aside one to two years after Art College to really concentrate on building your home-based-business, learning how to MARKET your opportunity online and developing your self from the inside out. By becoming a knowledgeable and value filled person, you will attract other like-minded people to your organization which will help you build a solid down line which will make you residual income.

Once financial freedom is achieved, a nine to five job is unnecessary. An income of $ 30,000 -$ 50,000 can be made working FIVE hours A WEEK after the initial 1-3 years of hard and consistent work. With the rest of your time, you can do what you should be doing.

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